Thursday, January 5

Why RSS helps humanize the Web

Just something I stumbled on.

From: Latest insights into evolution explain why RSS helps humanize the Web

I guess some of us will have to content ourselves with pioneering new definitions of trusted clans while remainging online, and to try and find an economic viability therein. We can redefine local, but also keep it at the proper scale. The role of podcasting, for example, adds a new layer of humanity ? offering the richness of people's voices as an important gauge of trust and authenticity. You can distinguish me, and I can distinguish you. Who knows, soon the software vendors and service providers may better appreciate the needed human elements of age-old interactions instead of trying to force people into a mass-market, corporation-driven, anonymous typing machines.

Perhaps the last 100 years of mass media and mass communications and massive corporations have been the exceptions, and that technology is about to begin to allow us to return to our true roots, of clans, cottage industries, and independence balanced with a tight bond to the 'local' collective regardless of where it is. We now have the tools, we just need to manage trust and authenticity virtually on a truly human scale.

Amen. This is what I'm saying... one good look at vlogging and you realize the future of mass media is going to be a whole new personal world.

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