Tuesday, December 13

ban/sign the man - michael verdi remixed

I couldn't not not not revlog this. Michael Verdi is on the road to stardom with his recent mention in the new york times along with a few others... he's also one of the most loved vloggers... aparently all the energy he's generated, plus the amazing mad remixing skills of Raymond K at dltq.org Erik Nelson of Bottomunion.com and evilvlog.com have made a powerfully explosive remix...

(Update: Raymond informs me that this is evidence of the mad skills of Erik Nelson of Bottomunion.com fame.)

Most of people who are not vloggers won't get this at all... but those of you who are and know Mike V will probably fall out of your chairs... In my opinion this IS the future of media... It's media deconstructed to it's purest and most personal and communicative form. It's not for everyone, but that's precisely the point... this ain't no TV.

For those of you who don't get it... well if you're a blogger think of it as your absolute favorite insider blog... the blog of your friend of friends. The one you check out ten times a day to see if there's a new post... the one noone else but you and you five friends get... That's the future of media. Why? ...because media doesn't have to be accountable to the masses any more and indeed what's most relevant to you probably has absolutely no use to the other 9.999% of people on the planet, and that's not just fine, it's great!

So, enjoy!


via evilvlog.com

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