Sunday, September 18

More speculation on the video iPod

From slashdot a few days ago.

Via: Slashdot | Apple Launches Video Podcasting For iTunes: "'Apple has launched support for video podcasting in the Podcast section of the iTMS. Ars Technica has a decent write up of the news along with speculation on what this means in the way of a video iPod and Apple's recent application for a patent on the phrase 'iPodcast.'' From the article: 'The quiet, fanfare-less launch (in fact, it's not even clear when it was launched) is a bit surprising for the company, but there may be a reason: there's not too many video podcasts out there in the wild. Furthermore, video podcasts are currently only playable on your computer, although it seems clear enough that a video iPod is on the way. If you didn't believe it before, you should definitely believe it now. For now, it looks like video podcasting support is limited.'"

The article: Apple supports video podcasting

Comments: Support for 'video podcasts' (aka. video blogs or vlogs) has been in iTunes from the initial podcast supporting release, version 4.9. Case in point my video blog feeds has been in Apple's podcast directory since day one. The Ars Technica author Ken "Caesar" Fisher is completely unaware of this and much of the history of video blogging. So, yeah, the article is full of misinformation and misconceptions, but what is interesesting is the level of interest in speculation about a potential video iPod and videoblogging, being as this was posted about on slashdot.

Video iPod, Video iPod, Video iPod.

BTW, Peter Van Dijk has been following the speculation closely too.

Peter Van Dijck's Guide to Ease » iPod video?

Peter Van Dijck's Guide to Ease » video schmipod by November 9th?

Personally I love this concept. It's just screen. Put the controls on the back, or better yet, make it a touchscreen interface. :)


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