Wednesday, September 28

More odd architecture

I've seen a lot of architecture, but this building looks more like a vehical then a building. A giant vehicle. Perhaps a freaky ship in dry dock? It's the ING building somewhere in Netherlands. Yes, ING the bank. Such sparse landscape too.

ING Building, Netherlands


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for blogging my picture. Cool stuff :-)

The ING group actually has quite a history of architecture that's a bit out of the ordinary. The picture I took is of the group headquarters, but the banking arm also has a rather crazy building in Amsterdam, you can see a picture here.

Nationale Nederlanden, ING's insurance unit, has its headquarter in Rotterdam, in a bit of a different style:

Michael Meiser said...

ha! It's a robo-dog. :)

Thank you both for posting. Somone just posted some pics on flickr of the other ING offices niclas is talking about in Amsterday (was that you dude). I'm going to blog them as soon as I get a free minute to track them down.