Sunday, August 7

Three Trends for 2005 - looking back to lookforward

This is from Forbes back on January 31st, 2005. Just a perspective.

Three Trends for 2005 - "This year video Weblogs are sure to be the 'it' thing. The shape of the v-blog trend began to emerge late last year during the election campaign. Example:A half-million people watched CNN's Crossfire on an October night when comedian Jon Stewart happened to be a guest. Stewart played it mean and bitter, ripping apart hosts Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson. The segment made its way onto blogs, and there it was clicked by2.5 million unique visitors--five times as many as had watched it on TV. (Earlier this month CNN took Crossfire off the air.)

The Asian tsunami tragedy brought a secondary wave ofv-blogs. Sites such as the Australian were logging 1 million unique visitors per week at the peak. The curious clicked in to watch home videos of giant waves swallowing Thai hotels. Had John F. Kennedy been murdered in this day ofv-blogs and digicams, the Zapruder film would have been uploaded within hours for the world to see. Whether that would have been good for our souls is a separate issue. The Warren Commission, however, surely would have proceeded under different pressures. "

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