Wednesday, August 17

My call for a Flickr based, RSS enabled, desktop picture / screen saver aggregator

My obsession with flickr has been steadily increasing for months now and as far as I can see the opportunities are boundless. It sort of kicked into high gear when I discovered the joys of Flickr friends feeds as a tool for intermediation..

It all comes down to this. As a tool for disinter-mediation photos are really second to none. Unlike blog posts or even video posts they transfer a large amount of information extremely quickly. A fraction of a second is all one needs to make a solid snap judgment about whether a photo is of interest or keep up on friends. I figure I could keep tabs on over 150 friends just a few minutes a day. Where there at, what there looking at, what there up too.. In fact I went out of town for the weekend and had a whopping 300 plus photos in my aggregator. Which took me a total of 30 minutes to go through here and there at my own leisurely pace.

Add in Flickr's endless tools for breaking down photos into trusted groups, tag groups, friends, and family and you have a very robust method for getting at the photos you want to see and the people you want to see them through. This is only one of many techniques I use for keeping up with friends. What follows is an extension of my flickr ideas for disinter-mediation.

Re: FlickrDesktop

My call for a desktop picture / screen saver photo aggregator for flickr.

Currently I'm using NetNewsWire as an RSS aggregator for my friends feed. There are quite a few other apps aimed directly at aggregating flickr friends feeds specifically. What would be absolutely AWESOME would to be to use the Flickr API to create a desktop image switcher / photo aggregator that can take ANY RSS feed from flickr, be it your favorite photo group or friends feed and to put those images as your deskstop. Alternatively a screen saver.

I can't believe I haven't seen something like this... perhaps I've overlooked it?

There would have to be a bunch of different settings and a lot of experimentation. Settings might include.

- displaying only photos over a certain resolution

- displaying multiple photos at once

- automatic display vs. having a button or widget in the menu bar or dock to automatically jump to the next photo

- the ability to show the title/artist/comments on top of the dekstop pick or screen saver and various settings to control how where they display

-the ability to handle multiple different feeds

I've seen some Mac desktop widgets for flickr, but I could see an increased variety of more robust widgets for Windows and Mac.

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