Friday, August 26

Coldplay member sends Kraftwerk a letter "begging" for a sample

I'm not even sure what the details are behind this yet, but I just like the idea that a few top dogs in the music world reaching out to the old gaurd and getting permission to sample and rework music. There's a snazy tune here somewhere. I'll see if I can find it and blog it.

COLDPLAY - MARTIN SENT KRAFTWERK BEGGING LETTER: "COLDPLAY frontman CHRIS MARTIN was so desperate to use a riff by German rockers KRAFTWERK - he wrote them a pleading letter in childish German.

The YELLOW singer recently admitted he was hooked on the electronic band's melodies, and that his new single TALK includes a Kraftwerk sample.

But he was only able to obtain the riff by writing to frontman RALF HUTTER and begging him to let Coldplay use it.

He admits, 'The only thing I could think of was the pen pal letters I learnt in German lessons at school. I had no idea if they knew who Coldplay were so had to explain myself like a 15 year-old school-boy.

'Dear Ralf, I sing in a band called Coldplay, blah, blah. I drew a little picture. Everyone says it's extraordinary that they said yes.'"

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