Monday, July 18

Speck Products' iGuy - the iPod "suits up" and becomes an action figure

iguy-d-5Ha! I just spotted this over in Steve Garfield's coverage of the MacWorld Boston conference last week and even though I'm a week behind I couldn't not post it. This little product, the iGuy from Speck Products, fits squarely in the "emotional design" category as a prime example of products that illicit an emotional attachment.

What could be more affirming than suiting up your favorite little mp3 player, the iPod (or iPod Mini!), in white rubber suit and turning it into a little iGuy action figure. It's time for the star wars action figures on your computer desk to move over, there's a cool new action figure in town and he's all rock and roll baby! :)

iguy-d-1The best part? Look at how he drops trou' to sit down on the iPod docking station. Now that is an "elegent" design solution, if not irreverent, which is perhaps the word of the day for the iPod crowd what with their podcasting and all their lack of reverance for the grand traditions of not only radio, but record labels and pretty much all of traditional media.

The Spec Products guys are bloody genius. I'm betting they'll be a lot of knock-offs, but something this original is always one of a kind and can't be duplicated. I know I love it, but I just hope it catches on with the mass market. I'd love to see an iGuy gracing the cover of Rolling Stone.

Maybe they need to produce a little guitar for him, a Sid Vicious outfit and a little anarchy symbol right on his docking suit crack. I wonder what would happen if all the tallented vinyl urban doll makers went to town on creating iPod suits. That's what happens when a great product becomes an iCon. :)

God save the queen.

Check it out: SpeckProducts - iGuy

You can also check out Steve's video coverage of Macworld Boston at the following url.

Steve Garfield's Video Blog: Macworld Boston 2005

....but I'm not hot linking to the video because in addition to the interview with Tim Hickman of Speck Products there's a lot more great coverage of the Macworld Boston conference. To much for me to chat up here. Go check it out.

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