Friday, July 8

MIT Weblog Survey

I was just catching up on my email and found a solicitation to the MIT weblog survey. I've been seeing a lot of blog posts about it so I thought I'd fill it out. It looked interesting enough. It seemed a little convoluted, just toward the end. Perhaps it's because it asked me some questions about some odd random links from my blog that really didn't seem to apply to their questions, or perhaps it was just the last page that asked me to many silly questions about the types of people I know, my relationship to them and wether I'd met them online. Such as do I know "unskilled laborers" or cooks, or "policy makers" and wether I met them online or not. It's was quite a list and a little convoluted. Still I can't wait to see the results, when they finally come out.

More into about the survey: MIT Weblog Survey : Information

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