Tuesday, July 26

Ian Mills on the cover of the NY Times Arts page, Steve Garfield demands retraction

Ian Mills on the cover of NY Times Arts page

Congratulations to Ian Mills and all the vloggers mentioned in the NY Times Arts cover page. While the NY Times doesn't completely understand video blogging I think they did a great job of not making a mockery out of it. With one exception. The author thought they might add some snark about everyones favorite vlog, Steve Garfield's "Carol & Steve Show" which is wholey unwarranted.

"Another vlog, the Carol and Steve Show, in which a married couple offer up the tedium of their daily lives - shopping, driving to the gym, arguing about American Idol' - has stolen its type and its theme music from the land of sitcoms."

Steve's not taking it to well and has
demanded a retraction and I think he's right! They accused him of outright theft! That's defamation! ...worse it's judge, jury and executioner! This is America baby! You can't go printing such tripe in the NY Times and expecting to get away with it!

Join me with Steve in demanding a retraction from the NY Times!

We'll see the NY Times too hell and back, the vlogosphere won't stand for it!

Also, Steve got a mention in Forbes best of the web. Forbes.com Best of the Web

NY Times Art Article Watch Me Do This and That Online - New York Times

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Anonymous said...

Oh come on. you've got to give the Times a little license for creative writing. They puport a crime of Theft, but the alleged victim of this horrible offense is "The Land of Sitcoms". This comes through to me as not a statement of crime, but round about way of saying that they use a sitcom style intro.

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Anonymous said...

humor is for the weak