Saturday, June 4

Playing Videos on iPods with iPod Linux

podzilla on ipod via Phillip TorronePhilllip Torrone over at the Make Magazine blog posts this video showing video playing on several iPod models including the photo iPod, 2nd, 3rd gen and iPod Mini by running the latest Podzilla linux install. While the qualities poor on the video and it's impractical for any sort of regular use, it's quite the awesome technological feat. I personally never would have thought the Podzilla crew would get videos to play on the old B&W screens as I don't believe they even have greayscale, nor did I believe they had the hardware. So, Wow!

Once again please note it's not very practical, YET. According to the instructions Videos have to be converted with exacting specifications and tools, (can't even be done on Mac OS X) but i can't wait to see what the Podzilla guys do next. They've done such amazing things so far.

Watch it:

From: MAKE: Blog: Play Videos on iPods with iPod Linux

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