Saturday, June 4

Growth Of Stolen Music Continues

"It's certainly no secret that Apple Computer's iPod is the bestselling digital music player. The company has shipped nearly 12 million iPods in just the last three quarters, representing three consecutive quarters of growth of 500% or higher.

It's also no secret that Apple (nasdaq: AAPL - news - people ) is a champion of legal downloading. Peer-to-peer (illegal) music downloading didn't grow at 500%, but it does continue to grow steadily despite low-priced music subscription services and an acceleration in sales of the iPod, which which was designed to work with Apple?s proprietary (and legal) iTunes music store.

According to the NPD Group, consumers purchased 25.9 million songs in March 2005, 52% more than they bought a year ago. Consumers also downloaded more than 242 million songs illegally this March, up 25% from March 2004."

Growth Of Stolen Music Continues -

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