Monday, May 23

Mr. Baron and Ms. Congdon of Rocket Boom Dot Com in New York Times

This isn't new but I'm just catching up with the reading. Congrats to the Rocketboom crew for their NY Times write up. Getting your first dedicated article (even if only a short local flavor piece) in the NY Times is muy ++++ good. Plus it was short, a great read, and their was no ill concieved back-slapping or misdirected hype. A little slice of life. A behind the scenes look.

Enjoy: Weatherperson Wanted. Bring Own Map. And Jokes. - New York Times

Oh, there's more. Much more interesting than the article Doc Searl's post puts it all into perspective.

The Doc Searls Weblog : Saturday, May 21, 2005

I like the way Doc thinks and what he has to say. It's much more interesting and valuable than all the misrepresentation or lack of info in the mainstream press. Thanks Doc.

Update: Not to be out done on the future of telivision meme Conan O'brien has this awesome piece from Newsweek which has no redeeming values or valueable information except that it's hillarious and on topic. A true must read. ;)
The Future of Television - Next Frontiers -


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