Sunday, May 29

Mobuzz TV - a cool new vlog

Some people, have expressed an odd sentiment about the new Australian video blog, MobuzzTV. They say "it's just a rip-off of Rocketboom", or "it's not as good as Rocketboom", or "it's not really a vlog".

Mularcy! I say. I f'n love it!

And I won't stop loving every new video blog until there are 50,000 "rocketboom knockoff's". Saying our Australian friends Mobuzz are a knock-off of Rocketboom is like saying that every blog is a knock-off of Boing Boing!

That one song, by that one guy, Dave Mathews of someone like that comes to mind... "It's all been done..."

But it hasn't all been done now has it? In fact, nothing has been done yet? NOTHING!

So Mobuzz what if Mobuzz is not the most orginal original programing since that great talking horse show in the 50's, the wonderful Mr. Ed. So what! If I see another "reality TV" show about some spoiled slutty millionaire heiress I'm going to puke. Mobuzz is a gosh damn breath of fresh air!

That said, there's plenty of new room for innovation.

Where's the Daily Kos of video blogging. Where's the Slashdot. Where's the 50 million other formats and genres. Where's my "lifestyle vlogs", my sports vlogs, my industry vlogs, my political satire vlogs, my comedy vlogs. The possibilities for format and content changes are as endless as the days are long.

Go make some crazy vlogs if you don't like Mobuzz. Make a "not Rocketboom", make an anime blog, make an animation Vlog. Make vlogs about monkeys, make vlogs on insectology, and interplanetary time travel via volkswagen beatles, and sci-fi-o-matic vlogs, and sitcom-ology vlogs, and vlogs about the little fluffy clouds in the sky. Oh, and more vlogs about the monkeys. I love those damn monkeys.

Heh, are you still with me? Get you're own bad ideas, these are mine! Stop stealing my ideas! You thought thieves! (Where'd I put my aluminum foil cap Microsoft gave me?)

This sanctimonious rant was inspired by Thank you for your fresh perspective. For not judging, for not being jaded, and for recognizing that there is something completely knew and wonderful happening here.

"MobuzzTV is another new production company cum broadcast network using the Internet to route around established channels of program distribution. Video programming isn?t only moving from RF to IP, but also from IP to RF. As with Rocketboom, the Mobuzz is doing a short (3 minute) daily show.

It?s interesting to see people wrestle with the implications of video for the tiny screen of mobile devices on phones and gaming devices (Mobuzz is also targeting the Sony PSP). In the future, there will be lots of full screen headshots.

Mobuzz and other companies like it need mechanisms for importing or referencing content from other sites; it?s no accident that neither Google nor Amazon produce their own content?"

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