Monday, April 11

On the Media's 'The Chaos Scenario' - on decentralized media

All I can say is the latest NPR On the Media rocked!
The Chaos Scenario

Network television was built around the 30-second ad spot. But that model is no longer working. Audiences are shrinking, ads are being skipped, and marketers are beginning to worry. And the New Media Order is fast approaching, with innovations like podcasting, videologs, and video-on-demand. Will the new media revolution be a violent and destructive one? What happens if the old advertising model collapses before the brave new world is fully prepared? Bob Garfield's answer: Chaos.

This particular segment is exactly 36 minutes into the latest on the media podcast and is 16min and 8 seconds long.

Listen: otm040805h.mp3
(21.4 MP3 Audio)

It's like someone's looking over my shoulder. (Yeah, like anyone knows who I am. ;)

They pretty much touched on all the major points for decentralized media. You know... the death of advertising as we know it, video blogging, podcasting, mass media disruption, new media order, video-on-deman, widespread cultural change, the total democratization of media, everyone is an individual again, global hegemony run a-muck, a brave new world, micromedia, dogs and cats living together, "today's marketing model is broken" ...that last from Procter and Gamble's CEO. It's purely unworthy hype and propaganda for new decentralized media. In short, I love it!

Funny enough they have a direct link to the MP3 (how else could you download it) but there is no permanent link to the page about the program, and won't be any transcript until Wednesday. I can't even link to the thing, how funny is that? I'll try to do a post on Wednesday once the transcript comes out.

Also mentioned, J.D. Lasica, The Carol and Steve Show, this particular post on about the Carol and Steve Show, Dylan Verdi, and Jeff Jarvis, among others. Congrats everyone on your next megabit of fame!

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