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Flashback: Mercedes Films' Lucky Star - not a film but an ad

Lucky Star
This is a flash back. My blog wasn't around then, but it's still relevant. It's in the grand BMW films tradition. A not so successful experiment in the "new" advertising. Almost did it, but perhaps not so honest. Certainly not for the Mercedes crowd. It suffered some good backlash.

Watch it: Mercedes Films - Lucky
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'Inside Move: Mercedes' 'Star' trailer
Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Mann, Del Toro hitch up short

Mercedes-Benz is making a movie. Well, sort of.

The German luxury automaker recently bowed a trailer for a new thriller called "Lucky Star," which stars Benicio del Toro, in British movie theaters and on television.

The 2½-minute trailer, helmed by Michael Mann ("Ali," "The Insider"), centers on a master gambler named Mr. H who bets big and wins at casinos and in the stock market, which garners the attention of murky government agents.

Scenes show Del Toro being chased around Los Angeles by helicopters, escaping pursuers on a freeway, absconding with secret files and burning down a shack in the desert.

There's just one catch: Although Mann reportedly has optioned the story rights, "Lucky Star" isn't a real movie.

Spearheaded by its new ad agency Campbell Doyle Dye, Mercedes is mimicking BMW's recent foray into entertainment by hiring Hollywood heavyweights to promote its vehicles.

However, in contrast to BMW's short films, "Lucky Star" is much more of a subtle sell, verging on the imperceptible. Del Toro drives Mercedes' sleek new silver 500 SL convertible sports car, but the Mercedes logo is never shown, and the company's name never appears in the trailer.

"Lucky Star" refers to the Mercedes iconic logo.

"Where you see cars most dramatically and excitingly portrayed is in movie trailers," says Richard Payne, Mercedes-Benz's communications manager. "It's not a commercial selling that car, it's talking about the whole excitement and dynamism of the brand."

Auds won't be left hanging with the trailer, however.

Pic's Web site (, where Mercedes isn't being subtle about its involvement, houses the trailer, info, reviews and additional video of the SL and a description of the film's plot and characters.

It also hints that there's more to come, with Mercedes even contemplating a full-length feature of "Lucky Star," should the campaign prove successful. [Variety July 14, 2002 By Marc Graser]

Quotes from: Benicio Del Toro: - The Official Web Site

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I was spellbound watching this! I want more! Great work!

Anonymous said...

Beno gets what he wants in this one; the money and the girl. So where is the rest of the movie? Looks good to me.

Michael Meiser said...

There is no rest of the movie. It's an ad. That's the point. A fake teaser.

You see they put out the teaser trailer, but it's for a ficticious movie. The point is to make you want more. One the evil vs. genious scale. I think it's neither. It's just assinine I've decided. There, I made up my mind. :)

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