Friday, March 11

who? 3/20 - for love of cryptographic memeology

First the "indicatrs" meme and now this.

"who? 3/20"

There's a lot of this out there. Everywhere.

From: Eric Rice :: who? 3/20

It's already infected technorati: Technorati: Search for "who? 3/20"

What is this some sort of squip or spime. Whenever I see something like this if feel compelled to say,

Come on people. Make sense damit!

Oh, I never posted that "indicatrs" meme, well, here it is. I posted it on the videobloging group, but never here.

On Mar 2, 2005, at 7:31 AM, Michael Meiser wrote:

indicatr's This is the first I've hear of this meme. It's Awesome!

Here's the opening salvo:

It's Very googleably.

And of course flickrly

Even technratr has found the action

All the poor security gaurds must be thinking this is some type of new trrorsm.

But for all the bad pictures and spellrings, not to mention the hystrical value, I don't see one actual valuble piece of infrmation.


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