Friday, March 25

Two-limbed tiptoe aids octopus camouflage

octopusalgaeFreaky cool clips of octopus walking on two legs while using it's other limbs to disguise itself as a plant. It reminds me of an old Popeye cartoon.

I have no reason for posting this except that had these two awesome open standards video clips that were actually podcast-able. Wow. That's a first for any news site I've seen. Think about what would happen if everyone used open formats for news clips. Just a thought.

Clip 1: algae.mpeg
(1.2mb video/mpeg Object)

Clip 2: coconut.mpeg
(750k video/mpeg Object)

Read about it: news @ - Two-limbed tiptoe aids octopus camouflage - Novel underwater walk helps creatures slip away unnoticed.

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