Friday, March 4

A "making of" trailer for the new Wallace and Gromit movie

I really, really have the need to go find a copy of the Incredible Adventures of Wallace & Gromit and watch it. It's late, i'm going to let someone else sell you on why this clip is worth watching. Thanks Dave at, and thanks Jason Kottke.

"I love animation. Well, let me rephrase that... I love good animation. There's something 'pure' about a world that is wholly created and realized. Many animators understand this god-like power and use it to full advantage. But few animators are as brilliant at it as Nick Park and the geniuses at his Aardman Studios. Their most famous creation, Wallace & Gromit, is easily one of the best animated creations ever made. Any adventure of the cheese-loving gadget inventor Wallace and his genius dog Gromit is guaranteed big fun.

I love Gromit more than Mickey Mouse. More than Tigger. More than Marvin the Martian. More than any other animated character. Though he never speaks, he is more expressive than most human actors..."

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Watch it:
(39.6mb video/quicktime Object)

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