Thursday, March 10

Dan Rather signing off

I had to post this, sure Dan Rather's final signoff is of great interest, but WTF is up with the absolute lying sac of crap Walmart commercial right in the middle of his signoff? "working together with local suppliers to bring your community local goods, job opportunities and low prices" let me rephrase that "we pay people without even green cards below minum wage to supply goods from third world countries made by people making pennys a day but we sometimes do pay local people minimum wage and have started a new campaign not to resell local goods, but to start to think about selling local goods for the sake of our PR". You know I've never said a word about walmart, never did mind their business practices, but blatent out and out fabrication of truth in the media really pisses me off.

This sure is a unique piece of cultural zen. I'm reminded of an old SNL skit, Mr. Subliminal Man. "Hi, I'm Dan Rather I had to resign because I reported complete lies, now listen to this lie from our sponsor, and good night."

Watch it: rather.wmv

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