Wednesday, February 16

A short video interview with Milton Glaser

milton_mainpageThis amazing short video interview of designer Milton Glaser was shot by Hillman Curtis for Adobe. It appears that it has just hit the web very recently. What a find.

Watch it:
(37.8 mb video/quicktime Object)

By: Hillman Curtis
Title: Designer Series feature : Milton Glaser
Description: A documentary on the designer Milton Glaser
Client: Adobe Systems, Inc.

There's absolutely no other information on it online, but then again, I guess there doesn't need to be.

Via: The Last Minute Blog: Milton Glaser

Also via: Video interview with Milton Glaser (


Steve Garfield said...

You are fast becoming my trusted source for great video on the web.

There's already a dearth of new videos being added to the blogosphere each day.

Some sites just dump all the video links into an unreadable, unmanageable, unfiltered pile of crap.

What you are doing is valuable.

Anonymous said...

Has any one seen this Milton Glaser mural before?