Wednesday, February 16

Matter - a short film by Erik Nelson of Bottom Union

MatterCircleScrew it. I thought I could wait until tomorrow to blog this, but the more I watch it the more the lyrics and the visuals haunt me. I must share it with you now. I pre-apologize to those in the vlogging community who have seen it, it is those visitors outside the vlogging community to which I wish to introduce Erik Nelson and his wonderful video blogging work.

Watch it: (video/quicktime Object)

This is not the first time I've blogged about Erik Nelson's work, nor is he the first video blogger I've featured, I may well start doing a regular weekly feature introducing one new video blogger if there's interest. God knows there's more than enough talented video bloggers and they are crazy prolific both in their creativity and the prodigous amount of work they produce. It's unbelieveable that video-casting via ANT didn't exist untill four or five weeks ago. It's been such an exciting time I've lost track of time.

From: Bottom Union: Matter

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