Tuesday, February 22

Daily Show on the Jeff Gannon and Eason Jordan media fallout

ds021605bloggersWell, this is from almost a week ago, but I didn't have time to track it down online sooner. If you haven't seen it, you are in for a treat, if you have it's not hard to skip to the next post.

Last week the Daily Show hit a homerun, mocking all sides in the blogger vs. traditional media debate and calling it like it is. It's "hysterically accurate".

Nothing hit it home for me more than Steven Colbert's mocking of reporters who attacked bloggers for lack of credibility and accuesed them of being a lynch mob... "They have no credibility, all they have is facts." Colbet stated.

In fact some bloggers do have tremendous credibility, not me, but some do. I'm just a spineless hack hiding behind a blog. It's not like I put my name on this blog. Ok, I do, but fine, who needs credibility when you have facts. Facts I tell you.

Bloggers didn't really stand up on the highly visible primetime news and say, "Fire Eason Jordan", no that was mainstream political pundants with their credibility and credentials. But bloggers aren't innocent in this head rolling. They sat there and spun there tremendous facts all over the place. Facts like lies, except that they were facts. Facts which spread like a virus or a plague. We cannot have that, dirty slanderous facts everywhere... bloggers must be held to some standard of accountability.

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And if that isn't enough check out the Moment of Zen: ds021605zen.mov (436k video/quicktime Object)

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Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that if you look at the amount of hard fact news the news reports on a given story is about the same as how much the Daily Show gives? I mean it's like two to three lines of usefull information each. The news backs their story up with commentary, useless facts, ect. The Daily Show backs it up with humour. Might as well just watch the Daily Show for all your news.