Monday, February 28

Breaking The Law - Scott Moschella documents how he breaks DMCA and copyright law

Detailed in this, his own, blog post Scott Moshella flouts the DMCA and copyright law by documenting how he got free music from the Apple Music store by gaming (if you can call it that) Pepsi's music giveaway promotion. He then continues to document how he then took the music file from iTunes and using JHymm stripped it of the Apple DRM encryption and posted it illegally on his website daring both the RIAA and Apple to sue him.

Pretty nuts eh?

But the chances of him getting sue are slim to none. I don't want to spoil the ending, but I guess I will anyway. Here's the catch. The song he downloaded from the Apple Music store was SILENCE. That's right the 99 cent track contained nothing but silence.

Say what you will, but if nothing else this is completely entertaining and downright hilarious.

In fact I wanted to get in on the act by inducing further copyright infringement so I've posted a link for you below. Join us in this very clever and witty act of civil disobedience

Break the law, listen to silence: 02 (Silence).m4a
(1.1mb audio/mp4 Object)

Read about it here: Scott Moschella's Plastic Bugs - Blog Archive - Breaking The Law

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