Sunday, January 23

Sin City Extended Trailer

7-largeThis took me a while to hunt down, but it's well worth it. Most of you who are interested have already seen the standard Sin City trailer (previous post), but I stumbled upon this extended version some weeks ago and have just now gotten around to tracking down a source for it online. The editing is a little rougher, with a focus on comparing scenes in the movie to the original graphic stills. With the little information I can gather from the format and the name of the file it looks like it was put together for a comics convention, although I have no idea which one. If anyone does find out, please post it in the comments. Otherwise sit back and enjoy the show. After a lengthy download that is. (video/quicktime Object) (23.4mb)

For those of who are still wondering what I'm talking about: Sin City was a series of comics by Frank Miller which is being made into a film by the same name. There are excellent overviews on wikipedia of the original Sin City graphic stories, Frank Miller, and Sin City, the movie

The filming and editing technique on Sin City is pretty amazing. The use of color and the adherence to the graphical style of Frank Miller's original work is both aesthetically and technically brilliant. In short I cannot wait for this film to come out and I hope it lives up to the hype. The following quote is from, grammar errors and all. When it comes to information in the raw, wikipedia never ceases to amaze me. :)

The Sin City movie is infamous of its use of high-definition film, having the actors playing in front of a green screen so the background can be added later during the post-production stage. While the use of a green screen isn't noteworthy, the use of high-Definition digital cameras is. The combination of these two techniques makes Sin City one of the few fully-digital live action motion pictures. This technique also means that the whole movie was initially shot in full colour, and was converted back to high-quality black and white. This technique makes it possible to give colour only to certain subjects in a scene, such as eyes, lips, or clothing.

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Anonymous said...

It would have to be the clips shown at the San Diego Comic-Con last summer. They did a big presentation there with a bunch of the stars in attendance.