Thursday, January 6

The portable cellphone booth

portphnboothThis just cracked me up.It's witty social commentary at its finest.

The Portable Cellphone Booth
Nick Rodrigues, Sculptor
Video by Cowboygirl Productions,2002.

Watch it: (11.4mb)

An interview with the artist, Nick Rodrigues
Nick isn't Normal. Normal lives with his wife and two kids in a quiet suburb in Florida. On the other hand, cross a behaviourial psychologist and a sculptor and you'll get Nick Rodrigues.

Bump into him on the streets, and chances are if he hasn't honked at you yet, he's probably busy on the phone in his portable phone booth (Video 1, Video 2) . All in the name of art, he says, so we picked him off the streets and brought him in for questioning:

Read the complete interview: » Performance Sculpture

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