Saturday, January 15

The Food Pyramid Topples -The War of the Memes has begun

Let this day be marked in history, the mighty rule of the food pyramid is over. The food pyramid, upheld by the federal goverment and deeply embeded in the national education system for over 50 years was officially announced irrelevant today by the Food and Drug Administration with the release of the final draft of their "blueprint for nutrition", the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005.

Thus, the realm of the War of Memes has thus begun. No longer just wars of empires, nations, states, cultures, ideologies, and googlefights. We have now entered the era of, The War of the Meme. It all started when video killed the radio star. Then we declared war on drugs. Finnally we declared war on terror, the very idea of something so terrifying it could only be described as a state of mind. I have no doubt we will see terror toppled, erradicated from our very minds and vocabulary. And now, we have struck down the mighty pyramid of food. I will try to keep you informed of new developments from the front lines as they develop.

Long live the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005!

Chicago Tribune: New U.S. guide topples food pyramid

From: The Food Pyramid Topples | Metafilter

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