Friday, January 28

Brooklyn Memories

brooklyn20050107Today is my first reblog of another video from another video blogger. I couldn't have possibly found a cooler video. This video is a good bye tribute by video blogger karmagrrrl to the place she grew up and lived most of her life; Brooklyn, New York.

It's an amazingly poetic look at the architecture, the people and the urban aesthetic. Also it has music from Frou Frou from the Garden State movie soundtrack. Enjoy, and be sure you thank her by leaving a compliment on her blog. (21.8mb)

"The closer moving day gets, the more I start looking around and wondering if I'm really leaving New York. I'm really leaving NY. I'm actually leaving NY.


So I'm editing a video for a friend and I became seriously distracted (I tried not to take too much editing time on this vlog piece) and nostalgic when I started combing through my NY footage - especially Brooklyn. I grew up in Manhattan, the Bronx, upstate NY, but I "lived" in Brooklyn... so it's not easy saying goodbye.

This video is a compilation of stuff from the summer of '04. It's a reminder of the long walks my babe and I took throughout Brooklyn, gettting our daily dose of coffee, Thai food, sitting by the water...

California better be good. ;) This one's for you babe.

Oh, and the music if from the soundtrack of one of the few movies we saw this past summer "Garden State." See it if you haven't already. The band's name is Frou Frou and the song title is "Let Go."

Visit karmagrrrl: tales of a karmically challenged life...: Brooklyn Memories

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