Tuesday, December 21

The Long Tail - becomes a book and a blog

The long tail is becoming a book and is already a blog. This will probably go straight to the top of my blog reading list. I think the long tail theory is infinitely more important than any other "marketing" theories out this last year. Even that "creative class" stuff. It marks a significant new way of looking at a significant new cultural paradigm. And yes, "paradigm" is precisely the word, this is the cathedral and the bazzar, small pieces loosely joined, top-down to bottom-up. I predict that even before the book hits the shelves it'll be the biggest marketing buzz-word since "e-commerce". I just wish I'd have coined the phrase. ;)

"Yes, the book deal is now official. I'm delighted, but sadly all I can link to is this (in the book world, it seems, gossip columns count as hard news). Moving quickly past me, I was struck by the mention in the column that Hillary got $8m for her book (#880 Amazon sales rank). That's just $3m less than Bill (#40). Shouldn't the spread on that one have been a bit more?"

The Long Tail: In lieu of a press release

. . . Neither is Wired editor Chris Anderson, but sources say he managed to sell The Long Tail to Hyperion for just over $500,000. It?s a book-length version of a meditation he wrote for his own magazine about the end of the "mainstream" in culture. "Jaws hit the floor over how much they paid," says one source whose house was outbid. Watch for the Wired trend story: The tech-book boom is back! -Jacob Bernstein

From newyorkmetro.com

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