Sunday, December 12

Freeplay Jonta human-powered LED flashlight

jonta-2LED Flashlights are coming along nicely. This rechargable beauty will run for ten minutes with only 30 seconds of cranking. With 40 minutes of cranking it'll run for 24 hours. While i doubt anyone would crank it for 40 minutes (also comes with a wall charger) it does speak to it's efficiency. In fact with the durability of the LED lights it would make a great backpacking flashlight.

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FYI, There are some other great hand charging goods on the freeplay site including radios, emergency human powered cell phone batteries and other solar charging devices. Pretty sweet indeed. Now, if only I could get a human chargeable mp3 player that uses a replaceable or commong battery type. I'm tired of having to carry a spare batteries with me everywhere, and it would seem unnecisary when mp3 players use so little power. If this flashlight can run for 10 minutes on 30 seconds of cranking then an mp3 player could be made that runs for 30 minutes on 30 seconds of cranking. Now that would be sweet.

Via: Treehugger: Freeplay Jonta human-powered light

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