Thursday, November 11

Wishful thinking the new photo iPod into a video iPod

This is an update on a previous post. Aparently the people at engadget want a video iPod so bad they've decided to simulate a video iPod by stuffing the new Star Wars trailer on their Photo iPod and making a demo out of it. You can check out the video and read the howto. This is geekdom and it's best folks. I hope Apple is paying attention.

Watch the video! (12.7 mb QT)

Holly recursion Batman.

To top it all off someone put engadgets video on their iRiver (an actual video player) and made a playback video of it. You can check it out here: video_h340_playing_ipod.wmv (1.1mb, Windows Media Player)

How-to article: HOW-TO: Play 'movies' on an iPod Photo - Engadget -

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