Tuesday, November 2

Remixing the political debate with MC Frontalot

I stumbled upon this excellent MP3 on Metafilter and rather enjoyed it so I thought I'd share it here. The lyrics are as follows.
I tried to go clean from protesting but I'm a recidivist
my government behaving with unlimited wickedness
in the interest of peace is how a liar wages war
then clamors for more.
I wish we had elections every day
wave the ballot in the air like a sign when I say
that democracy delivered by the bomb and the gun
is terror elsewhere on the world I'm from

do you cheer for the once-and-for-all of an enemy
whose hand our man don was on in '83
but who now exemplifies all evil
that's what you get for shaking hands with people
who represent the vast and sinister interests of industry
we protect the free trade world, so don't dare try to stop us
we deliver them bullets and sell them their coffins

and I wish that I could afford the ear of Bush the second
I'd ask is it your favorite philosopher who recommended
invading and exterminating all who defy us,
crying out justice but seeking out triumphs?
wasn't your christ unbeloved of empires?
one nailed his ass to a post; he expired!
a terrorist, as roman evidence showed
put down like a retard on the death row
in texas, I guess "tough luck," right George?
ain't that how every war gets scored?
big gun wins, winner gets a free turn
enemy after enemy burns
are you listening sir? or did your mind drift
to the next country in your axis
to all the cool bombs drops you get to call
delivery fresh from the 4th reich to y'all.

Being a "medium is the message" freak, I'm obsessed with rich sources of debate and information and with capturing and communicating in naturally complex and rich ways instead of sloganeered and dumbed down debate as comes through broadcast media. I'm disgusted with political commercials that are simply inept, political phone call spam, and most of all so called TV news which is really no more than sensationalist entertainment rhetoric. So... you can understand why I find it refreshing to be able to listen to this well versed thread by a guy who calls himself MC Frontalot. A thread I can take with me on my mp3 player, a thread I can share with friends and in so doing spread enjoyment, promote an artist and celebrate a rich political debate. Thanks MC Frontalot and thank you Metafilter.

LINK TO MP3: MC Frontalot - Special Delivery (mission accomplished remix)

LINK TO: Lyrics

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Via MC Frontalot - he's so indy | Metafilter

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