Saturday, November 13

Firefox flies when optimized

I haven't even gottent a chance to test it out yet, but I will.
For those who feel the need for speed, Neil Lee may have the answer: a build of Firefox 1.0 optimized for the G5 processor.

Neil notes the optimized version is officially unofficial, and comes with no guarantee that it won?t harm your mother. Reader response indicates said build works beautifully and, notably, quickly. Those of us still running our trusty G4 processors need not sit idly by while our G5-toting companions have all the fun; Kai Rune has posted a series of Firefox builds optimized for the G4 processor.

Next I want a clairvoyant build of Firefox, that will load the appropriate page before I even realize I need to go there. Is that too much to ask?
LINK: Firefox flies when optimized - The Unofficial Apple Weblog -

Update: Well I've tried it out and I can attest to its speed. On my G4 500mhz tiBook it loads pages considerably faster that Safari. Although the application itself doesn't open quite as fast I'm very pleased. I may start using it more. It's got a couple of things like bookmarking whole sets of tabs all at once that make it really worth while. Now if only I could figure out how to switch between tabs with quick-keys?

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