Thursday, October 28

Random great business plan of the day

I don't know wether I'm going to do this or not (anyone who reads this is welcome to it) but the following t-shirt idea popped into my head while having a discussion about companies that suck, primarily those like Claria (formerly Gator), and Altria (formerly Phillip Morris) that are attempting to skirt the moral and ethical backlash against them by playing the name game. The medium is the tshirt, and the message is as such.

I think
[insert company
name here]

so bad I payed
$20 for this t-shirt

Basically this is a cool way to un-cool brands. A way to profit by knocking companies down a peg or two, and a way to thumb your nose at them in enjoyment. This might be very popular among the internet insider and college crowd and is easily executed on on cafe press or some other site. It's completely legal as it's freedom of expression even though it clearly flies in the face of the corporation. I really must say I like it a lot.

Sometimes you just need to express your negative opinion.

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