Tuesday, October 5

The Green Map System — promoting change through visualization

Green Map System is a global eco-cultural movement, energized by local knowledge, action and responsibility.

Green Maps are locally created maps that chart the natural and cultural environment. Using adaptable tools and a shared visual language of Green Map Icons to highlight green living resources, Green Maps cultivate citizen participation and community sustainability.
What do I like about this? It's activist, it's green, and most of all I love it because it creates awareness by "making visible the invisible". That is to say it makes urban green systems and green areas visible in a whole new way.

Merely by "cellebrating" these green areas and hence promoting them in a new light they make people more aware and more appreciative of them thus encouraging participation and changing views. It's so simple, but it truely is world changing. Their approach to recycling and encouraging the creation of new content to put it in a new light is much like that of ChangeThis

The Chicago Green Map Project is sponsored by my Alma Mater, The School of the Art Insititute of Chicago.

The Green Maps website has a tremendous list of quality green maps, but it's sort of hard to dig through. On a side note to those who know about my as of yet unanounced pet project, this green map project would be a tremendous closed test bed where the voluntary contributors could submit and catalogue all their highres maps for easy searching and sharing.

Via WorldChanging: Another World Is Here: Social Design Notes' John Emerson is Worldchanging

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