Tuesday, October 5

Get Content — The Creative Commons attempt at creating a file-wiki

Creative Commons has been looking into a more efficient contributory system to replace CommonContent.org as such they've been embracing the concept of using a wiki style system to catalog file metadata. Very similar to my concepts for a filewiki. This is not new, I've posted on it before, but it doesn't seem to have progressed much though.

What's the idea?

"Why not open a "get content" wiki, where anyone can catalog content? (If you don't "get" that a community-edited wiki can deliver high-quality, high-volume information, spend time at Wikipedia.)"

Why Not A Wiki?
It would certainly be productive to entertain the cons of a wiki-based architecture. Hopefully, any points raised here can be satisfactorily addressed by some other contributor.

You're requiring that anyone who wants to contribute media learn a new interface (editing a wiki). It's easy for us web-heads, but markup languages and long text forms could scare many people who simply play music and want to share it with the world. Ease-of-use is (IMO) the biggest impediment to CC metadata adoption and license-aware music sharing online; it's important to focus on the end-user in such a system. -- Ian Spivey
Perhaps alternate interfaces could be adopted to edit the wiki? For example, data could be imported back and forth between the wiki and an easier to edit website. -- Anthony

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