Wednesday, September 15

One to watch: Ross Mayfield's Weblog: QuantumArt

Ross seems to post a lot about wiki's, markets, and has just joined the board of QuantumArt which "has a different take on content management systems and RSS/Atom they will start talking about soon". There is no clear data here, but I think they might be onto another open-media, filewiki, or creative commons wiki type system.

Interestingly noone seems to have the full picture yet of what might be possible. All I can say is "markets are conversations" people. Especially in IP. Advertising is a broken mon-conversational market model that the current IP industry (music, movies, etc.) run on. What is the new model. I've got it have you? Sorry, couldn't resist the taunt.

Ross Mayfield's Weblog: QuantumArt

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