Thursday, September 2

The merry men of Rio — Police raid the woodland camp of robbers outside of Rio De Janeiro

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (Reuters) - Robbers living in the forest are legends like Robin Hood and his Merry Men -- or those in Brazil's crime-plagued city of Rio de Janeiro.

Police on Wednesday exchanged gunfire with a group of criminals who attacked tourists and joggers in the hilly Tijuca Forest in the city's posh South Zone. The robbers got away, but police found their camp and some of the booty.

'We found dozens of stolen credit cards, wallets and ammunition for pistols and assault rifles in the middle of the forest, which we believe is the gang's base,' a police officer said.

Muggings on footpaths in the Tijuca Forest and other hillside woods in Rio de Janeiro have become so common that park authorities have installed signs 'Beware of robberies' in some places.

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