Saturday, September 18

Help co-create reality — a call to action from Synergy Media Network

A friend of mine Devon White just sent me the following email. His project is very similar in nature to my own interests. As such I thought a few people might be interested in this. Look for more posts on the subject in the near future.
To my good friends:

For five years I've worked on developing a media network that will change the world of broadcast media. Today I know one thing: this is not possible alone. I'm writing to you today because I need your help.

This coming week, Synergy will send out its first chain letter email, a messenger pigeon with a single errand; to reach anyone interested in a media network that protects informational diversity and broadcasts intelligent signals guided not by the bottom line, but by a vision of society at its best. This is a network made up not of the long tentacles of a singular behemoth corporation but the cooperative cells of many independent media companies. Every new membership from our email campaign will make this possibility more of a reality.

As the company begins building its community, the most important thing for its success is a tightly knit core to support it in being the best it can be. That's where this letter comes in. This email has been sent to a small group of people that:

a.) I think have something important they could bring to Synergy

b.) Might be excited by what this company could be and do and

c.) I respect, admire, and would really like to work with.

We need five (5) really dedicated people right now; people interested and able to give 3 to 5 hours a week to supporting and developing Synergy over the next month or two.

This is a team of people that is willing to commit to making this network into something that will change the face of broadcasting as we know it.

Everyone that I have sent this email to is highly intelligent and equally busy. I understand that and I'm making this request anyway. I have sent this email out to more people than we need - but not many more. So, if this is a fit and match for you and can find a place for it in your schedule, please join the core development team and share in this unprecedented opportunity. By the same token, please don't commit if you can't. The integrity of the team depends on the integrity of its members.

Beyond, the hard core team we can use anyone that would be willing to surf the site, share your ideas and input, help us forward our email campaign, or help us out in other ways from time to time.

For those of you interested in helping in either of these two capacities, please send a favorable response to me as soon as possible and let me know which of the two camps you would fall into. Soon after, I'll send you an invitation to the Core Development Team listserve and we will begin...

Thanks for your time and all of your support to date.

All my very best,

The Evolution Of Mass Media Has Begun.
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