Thursday, September 23

Googlephrasing — fun for the whole family

In addition to googlisms, google bombing, googlefighting and googlewhacking. We now have googlephrasing.

As defined by Mark Hurst at, "googlephrasing is the search for a long slightly obscure sentence fragment, enclosed in quotes, and then revealed in the Web-zeitgeist'". While this is not necissarily new I believe Mark may be one of the first to try to define it.

Enough with the formalities, on with the fun. The following examples were swiped from Mark's site.

"i've always wanted to go to"
Boston (she has no idea why)
South East Asia
Italy (he has a huge Italian family)
San Francisco (to study ESL)
Jamaica (for a honeymoon)
The Great Barrier Reef (to go swimming there)

""is the best movie i've ever seen in my life"
Lord of the Rings
8 Mile, American Wedding
Moulin Rouge
Life is Beautiful
Varsity Blues
The Matrix
Pearl Harbor.

"surprisingly, i actually liked"
Mozart's Symphony No. 30
Bon Jovi playing Neil Young's "Rockin' in the Free World."
the movie "Tomb Raider"
country singer Tweedy better than country singer Ferrar
the video game "The Hulk"

"I have a confession to make, I"
... I didn't start Atkins this week like I'd planned to. And I've
been craving chocolate again.
... I recently purchased a 1:24 Welly (shudder) diecast of a 2002
Camaro SS in black. My confession is, I love this car.
... I have a fetish for women with tattoos. I never really admitted
it before, but it's true.
... I own an SUV.
... I bought a pop song from iTunes... and I like it.
... I am the foreign affairs columnist for The New York Times.
... I don't recycle.

"why don't you go"
... ask Hosni Mubarak.
... home early?
... Get A Life
... put on a dress and bake me some cookies you sissy
... to church - what can we do differently to help you?
... back to KS, so we can move onto more productive subjects

"the meaning of life is"
... to increase fitness
... a bet. Who can live the longest?
... life's Meaning
... that it stops

"The thing I love most in the world is"
...the view of the sea out of my bedroom window
...right next to me
...just sitting and listening to records
...sports not you. it is sleeping
...Manchester City FC

From Good Experience - Introducing... Googlephrasing

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