Tuesday, September 21

The BBC and Lawrence Lessig together on the BBC Creative Archive!

Not only is this great news, the BBC is preparing new licensing in anticipation of the BBC Creative Archive, but it's also a great article. One of the best I've read in fact. This BBC Creative Archive Project to put the majority of all BBC content online using P2P distributions is one of the most noble and inspired projects ever. Well at least since the birth of the internet itself. I am hoping it will be a catalyst for change, inspiring, protecting and proving the theories which have evolved in the "open society" debate.

Here's just one quote, a small sampling of the original ideas and fresh words in the article.
Lessig explains this idea: 'The fight against feudalism was the fight against property regimes that had become so expansive and cumbersome that they choked off innovation and competitive growth. Much of the progress of the common law in England was the process of limiting the burdens of property law, so that property could become something you could transfer - use, reuse, and the competitive market could take off. Now we've recreated feudalism in the context of intellectual property.'
Unfortunately, to read the article you need to register.Reg Req'd Link, use "feeshfeeshfeesh@hotmail.com/feeshfeesh"

Via Boing Boing: UK take on Creative Commons

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