Monday, August 30

Syracuse newspaper article bashes

Anyone who knows me knows that is my absolute favorite website. As such I'm well beyond the need to defend it when people (whom obviously were raised by monkeys) attack it. I merely in my own smug and arrogant way tell them to pull their heads out of their butts and take a look around at the world at large. Wikipedia is the air we breath. Wikipedia is life itself. You can no sooner deny wikipedia than you could deny the fruits of the world's labor. Wikipedia functions on the same fundamental premise as that which keeps you from getting run over by a car or shot while you're walking down the street. People don't need to be paid money to do good they merely have to see the personal benefit in it.

These people who attack wikipedia are people who invariably think that nothing is any good unless they're getting paid to do it or they're paying somone for it. I say let them eat Encyclopædia Britannica

Today that person is Al Fasoldt, staff righter at the Syracuse Post-Standard. His own ignorance mocks him and it makes for very fun and interesting entertainment for the rest of us. Please do read: Librarian: Don't use Wikipedia as source

Follow up: Who Do You Trust, The Wiki Or The Reporter? on

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