Thursday, August 26

New engine runs on compressed air

Very promising new engine runs on compressed air. It's practicle application is still undetermined.
A garden buggy is the first commercially operated vehicle in Australia to use air as a fuel instead of petrol. But a critic says the air motor would be no use in cars.

The vehicle, which is used to pick up garden material, will maintain the lawns of Melbourne's Fiztroy Gardens after its launch today.
News in Science - Green buggy runs on hot air - 25/08/2004
The Di Pietro engine is a rotary design with two moving parts and, given air in sufficient quantity and pressure, is capable of producing about the same amount of power as a 5-litre V8 petrol engine. It weighs only 13 kilograms, compared with about 90 kilograms for conventional designs
— from ...or even run on air? - National - (free registration required)
There is an excellent Real Audio video clip showing its internal workings at ABC News Australia: New Inventors: Rotary Piston Engine.

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