Tuesday, August 10

The Merry Bloggers set out on 'Segway across America' trek

The Register has a superbly written mocking article on the team of four that is setting out to Segway across America. Here's a bit of the intro.
Back in the good old days, strong men such as Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady and Ken Kesey went screaming across the great American highways with heads hopped full of sour mash and benzedrine. They performed lewd acts, taunted the police, harassed the stiffs and produced great art. These days we're left with four twenty-something geeks traveling country roads at 10 mph with their Segways, iPods and blogs.

Is the American Dream dead? It may well be.

This Thursday four white-toast yuppies will set out on a 4,300 mile trek from Seattle to Boston. One of the four - Josh Caldwell - will be riding a Segway scooter for this entire journey backed up by Hunter Weeks, Pat Armstrong and J. Fred Keough in a support vehicle. The fearsome foursome plan to make an online documentary of the Segway journey, interviewing people along the road and blogging about the rigors of going up mountains on an upright, glorified wheelchair.

'My american dream is to be an individual and to be the best person I can be with the talents that I have [Such as standing - Ed],' Armstrong says in a video promoting the Segway stunt. 'And so that's part of what I like about this expedition is that I am just going to go out there and find out for myself and learn about it and hopefully come back and be able to make some sense of it.'

Right . . ."
I did not know The Register was capable of such fine writing and fine sarcasm. Thank you Ashlee Vance of The Register for this superbly written article.
The Merry Bloggers set out on 'Segway across America' trek | The Register

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