Wednesday, August 18

The Dawn of L.A. new Wave style

I just stumbled upon the scans of two whole issues of Wet Magazine. It is a spactacular L.A. based new wave magazine from 1978. In it are some great jems. A couple of my favorites are; some old KROQ ads (1 and 2), a Tom Petty ad, an exceptional Devo ad, and several interviews such as that of Timothy Leary.

BoingBoing had a blurb about it back in May.
Wet was a graphically innovative magazine that predated zines. I remember seeing some copies in the early 80s and liking the design a lot. The guys who made Wet later went on to write the Graphic Design Cookbook, which I used as inspiration for the print edition of bOING bOING. Designer Jennifer Sharpe (daughter of famed street prankster Mal Sharpe) has uploaded two complete issues to her site.

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