Tuesday, August 3

A Castle in the Michigan countryside?

So, I'm enjoying an evening ride up here in the Michigan countryside yesterday with my brother dave and a few miles off in the distance we see a large grey structure peaking out above the tree line. We proceed closer and start to circle the approximately 2 square mile country block trying to find the drive back to it as it's 3/4 mile off the road. It seems to be a... castle. Finally we locate a nondescript private drive and proceed down it until we come upon a sign that offers "$5 tours of the castle". It IS a freaking castle. There is btw, a closed gate and no trespassing sign, but we're too intrigued to turn back. We press on.

We proceed cautiously until we are spotted by a man coming down the drive in an old mid-90's Taurus or equivalent. We're very worried at this point. I wave. He stops, he gets out. He's lanky, wears glasses, is dressed in a working man's clothes, and my first impression... he doesn't have what I'd call a "smiley demeanor". We've been busted trespassing. To top it off my brother and I are both 6'+ and are imposing people. For all I know this guy could be packing a gun. I introduce myself, ask him to pardon our intrusion and ask about the $5 tour. To my surprise he introduces himself as Scott. We chat and have a pleasant conversation and even though neither my brother nor I have brought wallets on our ride he offers us a complimentary tour. Amazingly even though I forgot my wallet I had grabbed my bag and lucky for you it had my camera in it.

His name is Scott Bredschneider. He is a slightly eccentric developer and entrepreneur, aka. the dungeonmaster on his website. He broke ground on the castle on July 4th 2002, and expects to be able to move in by this winter though there is much work still to be done. The castle is 3.5 stories with a pyramid shaped top inside a 5.5 foot crown. It is complete with a dungeon / wine cellar, balcony, stables (3 car garage) and an elevator shaft for an elevator to be added much later.

One last thing. He is having a haunted house this Halloween at his castle. He should have the majority of the interior ready for the public AND he is looking for a few volunteer monsters. I'm not the acting nor the dress up type, but I'm considering it. It's going to be very cool. BTW, his address and contact information are on his website.

Enjoy the pictures.

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