Saturday, August 21

'Butt Seriously' — is there a big butt trend in New York?

Motordyke I dedicate this post to you. I hope your leg is feeling better.

I ussually don't concern myself with reading about butts (I prefer to experience them in the real world), but then I've never read such great literary, NY insider, color commentary on the secrete (to me) world of the white female butt. Thank you Village Voice and Sloane Crosley for making me a more well rounded and happier individual.
"White girls with big asses, man. There goes another one, a J. Crew cardigan riding up atop a buttock so big, so out of place, it makes you wonder if Serena Williams woke up this morning wondering where her ass went. Temperatures are going up, taking hemlines with them, and the trendy white ass is hanging out there like a couple of upside-down Tasty-D scoops. They're taking over this city. They're everywhere I turn: in dressing rooms, in store windows, in that pond with the little boats - anywhere I can look down and see my own reflection.

Sloane Crosley is a writer living in New York. She likes to keep her ass out of trouble as much as possible."
From The Village Voice: Butt Seriously by Sloane Crosley. It's a great read wether you're you like the subject matter or not.

via adrants Adrants: Media Tries to Fight Proliferation of White Girls With Big Butts

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