Wednesday, July 21

"This Land" Bush vs. Kerry Cartoon is officially and internet sensation

This was sent to me last week from my friend Adam in Phoenix (thanks Adam). He got it from his parents in Michigan. (Thanks Adam's parents.) By the time I got home yesterday it was all over the news. I spotted it twice on two different TV News stations. It's officially an overnight success. The creators, two brothers, Gregg and Evan Spiridellis posted the cartoon parody last week on their site and according to their blog due to press on Fox News and CNBC among others on the 18th and 19th they received so many hits they were knocked offline temporarily. There website is back up now and AtomFilms is hosting the 3.5mb Flash clip. According to Atom Films it's been downloaded more than 5 million times.

Bipartisan Animated Jab May Be Biggest Online Short Film Ever — MediaDailyNews Article 07-21-04

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