Friday, July 30

Thanks you for Pigzilla, I had a blast.

Pigzilla was last weekend. It was a blast. Four kegs of Old Style Beer, two ninety pound pigs, a few extra shoulders for good measure, forty or so pounds of potato salad, and all the fixings. Wow! It was a blast. A very large and gracious thank you to the hosts (you know who you are).

Here's napalmmk9's original post on the subject, my original post, his reflection on the number of RSVP's, and his recounting of Pigzilla

In very much related news...

"While hunting on a private Georgia plantation in June, guide Chris Griffin killed a feral hog that supposedly weighed 1,000 pounds and was 12 feet long, the Associated Press reported. The news of the animal has created a buzz in town and is even reaching a legend-like status with locals now referring to the beast as ?Hogzilla.? 'People just sit back and ask, ?is it real,?' one Alapaha resident told the AP regarding a photograph that captures a dwarfed Griffin standing beside the hog hanging from a rope."
From: Field & Stream - ?Hogzilla? vs. Hunter

At last count there were 94 article on Google News regarding Hogzilla.

Photo from: Yahoo! News - Top Stories Photos - AP

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Anonymous said...

I saw something about that one the discovery channel i watched it and the pig was big but not 12 feet long and 1,000 pounds it was huge though it was like 600 pounds and 7 or 8 feet not as longs or large as claimed but still huge. They found out it most likely got that big because it got into some extra protein fish food that made it so big as it ate off that. they also found out it was a cross between 2 pig speices i can't remember what kinds but i think it was some kind domestic pig and a wild boar either way if that wasn't the only pig in the litter there might be more out there.....