Thursday, July 22

The Militant wing of the accessibility movement

Are accessibility people really "militant" or are they just insane and obsessive. I've been tempted to liberate some information, art objects and experiences from their dull trappings, but I haven't joined the ILF (Information Liberation Front) yet.
David Jones republishes articles from Wales' National Assembly website on his own Assembly Online site because the official designers "clearly don't know what they're doing."

"They're singularly clueless; the HTML and CSS are invalid," he said. "I was exasperated, so I thought I'd do it myself to show them how it might be done. My employer -- an Assembly-funded body looking to secure next year's funding -- cited it as a disciplinary offense. I don't work for that company anymore."
Wired News: Changing the Face of Web Surfing

Stolen from Boing Boing as are the rest of today's posts. Thanks Boing Boing :)

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